Watercolor 12

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17 Jun 2018

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lazesummerstone, 17 Jun 2018

Excerpt from Watercolor book:

Another painting found, there in my sketchbook.

This time I ran in horror to my jacket, to find sand that I knew would be in the pockets. Now I know that the last painting wasn't any fluke. I also recognize that place near the northern inlet, and it probably connects perfectly to that circle of ruins.

And why is HE there in the painting?

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HonorBoundFate, 17 Jun 2018


Honestly after ten I thought this would be done but whatever these are pretty cool.

lazesummerstone, 18 Jun 2018

@HonorBoundFate: Thank ya! Yep there's a little bit more. I'm just posting these till after Guardiancon basically.

He is there because he is... in very close proximity to whoever the artist is!

Bobmud (Guest), 25 Jun 2018

Wait a Minute...

This takes place in Mosscreek, where you live. Does that mean that you're a canon character in your own story? (insert mind blown gif here)
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