Watercolor 15

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24 Jul 2018

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lazesummerstone, 24 Jul 2018

Excerpt from watercolor book:

Back in Mosscreek. Set out in the early morning, cooperating with… whatever is happening, and do my paintings. As expected a new bunch of stone outcroppings, another ancient site to check off the list.

Following the line, the next one should be a half mile or so into the forest along the hill.

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HonorBoundFate, 25 Jul 2018

This one feels...

Less alive...

HonorBoundFate, 25 Jul 2018

How was guardiancon did you sell a lot of comics?


Hmmm... I don't see the little friend anywhere..

lazesummerstone, 01 Aug 2018

@Arcstrider Exo: He's actually there but just the shadow.
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