Watercolor 17

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22 Aug 2018

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lazesummerstone, 22 Aug 2018

Excerpt from Watercolor Book:

Further in, and towards the dark obelisk, I’ve noticed something about my little stalker that is distressful to me. I’m not seeing him, not directly. This whole time I’ve been seeing him in darkness or reflection, something like a ghost.

I’ve also noticed my friend always seems to be a little bit in front of my path, while, Something ELSE has been following me from behind.

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HonorBoundFate, 22 Aug 2018

A great beast

A leviathan of terrible power.


Interesting... very interesting...


It would be hilarious if it turned out what was following them was Tingle or something of the sort..

Leprodus, 23 Aug 2018

The question still remains, who's point of view is this?

lazesummerstone, 24 Aug 2018

@Leprodus: interesting question!!!

@Leprodus: Yeah, I've been wondering that too.

@Leprodus: Indeed!

VobTM, 03 Sep 2018


very very spoopy bois
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