Watercolor 19

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21 Sep 2018

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lazesummerstone, 21 Sep 2018

Excerpt from Watercolor Book:

The worst possible outcome, simply the act of walking away and I black out and find myself at the bottom of the stairs.

I may be losing my mind.

Perhaps I’m at home painting this in my basement in some delusional state. Not sure which scenario is more horrifying.

Hopefully painting this in my notebook will appease the larger one, and it’ll allow me to leave.

I hope this is what it wants.

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Oh dear.... but what IS that thing? Hmmmm...

And I still want to know who's POV this is in...

Bobmud (Guest), 21 Sep 2018

"I'm going to be doing a series of these watercolors of basically interesting sites around the small town of Mosscreek (The town which I have called home for so many years now)."

19 watercolors later...

"I may be losing my mind."

@Bobmud: Haha... that would pry be me in real life.

Dog lover (Guest), 28 Sep 2018


Even I don’t want to pet that massive doggo
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